baby knits and discovery

LinkLots of people around me seem to have had/are having babies so I'm finally getting on it with some knitting! I thought I'd start with something simple and cute - a teddy bear! They still need little ribbons for their necks but I think they are cute! Do the colours look familiar?

I've sent a few planes over to the USA this week which I'm very excited about. They are going to be in an exhibition called 'play/art/toy' that opens in September at Artstream. Also I've had a week of lovely discoveries this week such as; this magazine, this jumper and this recipe (made with this cauliflower of course!)


dropstitch said...

Aw, cute! And, yes, very familiar colours :) My baby knitting is going so slowly that it's stressing me out. Seems like I can make actual humans faster than I can make a tiny jumper for them to wear!

claire platt said...

Oh no! I'm just about to start a baby jumper I thought it meant it would be like quicker... then again everything is smaller (needles, yarn etc) !

dropstitch said...

Don't worry, they ARE quick. It's just me who is slow :)