in progress

Here's a bit of a glimpse of what I'm up too, I've surprised myself planning it all properly tension swatches and all. It's already changed as I took this on Monday evening, I'm just about to shape the armholes I'm hoping this half will be finished this evening, or tomorrow!.It feels good to be knitting and working on a project again!

p.s I'm in love with these, watch the video, it's beautiful


dropstitch said...

Looks exciting...but what is it? I returned to the world of crochet today and learned how (well, relearned since my sister showed me how years ago) to make granny squares. Fun! I do have some knitting projects in mind for the near future though :)

Sarah Dickson said...

oh nice colours :) looking forward to seeing that finished.

those knitted cracks are great! what a really nice idea.

claire platt said...

Totally need to learn how to make granny squares - can't wait to see some of those! post post post! I can reveal it is a vest/tank top! - i've finished the back now so I'm feeling a bit more confident! haha!

+ thanks sarah! - I love the cracks i think they are the best thing I've seen in ages we should do them in Croydon! woo!