Grannies Inc. Pop-up Catwalk

I've just got back from the first of the Grannies Inc. pop-up catwalk shows. It was really fun to see all the designs in real life! There's another pop-up show this Sunday in Hackney if you're free and the voting is still on so if you'd like to vote for my vest, please do.

It's been quite a busy week in all. I played tennis for the first time in ages on Monday, I think it's just because Wimbledon is on I've remembered what tennis is, it was really quite fun, even if I am pretty terrible at it. I went to the New Designers private view last night (will def do an update asap of beautiful things but until then Sadie Chesterman-Baileys jewellery, wow! I went to this event this evening and on saturday I'm doing the great swim again; wish me luck and good weather!


Sarah Dickson said...

It looks great! how did the swim go?

claire platt said...

thanks miss! it went well! really enjoyed it this year!