sketchbooks and socks

I'm trying to use a sketchbook again so I started it with one of my favourite pictures. I took it in an artists studio at spike island a few years ago, the plane was just sitting on a bookshelf in there... anyway, next step, do some drawing.

Remember those socks I made at christmas? I had some yarn (some? yeah... alot!) leftover - I think when I brought it I was going to make mittens or something then changed my mind - so I knitted myself a pair too. They are very cosy! It's half-term this week so I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and knitting. The knitting plans: finish bag, finish cardigan and start tartan wrap. Possibly start some baby pieces as a ridiculous amount of friends are expecting!


Sarah Dickson said...

very cute socks! did you want to meet up this week if you're free? xxx

dropstitch said...

Whoa! Nice socks! Your toes look all toasty :) Enjoy half term.

claire platt said...

thanks all :) they are indeed toasty! woot!