marmalade and embroideries

the new back and old front of one of my embroideries

Thanks to this wonderful tutorial on maximum RABBIT designs, I have a new and improved way of fixing the backs of my embroideries. If you've ever seen the backs before you will probably agree this is a little bit (or perhaps alot) neater. Why have they crawled out of the closet and popped up on the blog? Because this piece along with a few others are about to fly over to a new home in Brooklyn. I'm excited - not only will they be enjoyed by someone but it is a few less to live underneath my bed. Yep, that's where what's left of these live these days... I'm really not sure what to do with them. I have so many empty frames left too, as at the time I got a fantastic bulk deal, but I don't even embroider really anymore, they look a bit sad all empty.I made marmalade! I should have taken a picture of it upside down because... it doesn't even move, hurrah! It actually set (unlike my jam) and according to people who have tasted it, it's actually quite nice. I don't know what it is about jam/preserve making but I really enjoy it. I used seville oranges because they are in season and added a splash of scotch too. I think I'm just getting into cooking/baking suddenly, I'm going to make some flapjacks in a bit...

I'm thinking about doing the swimathon again this year but I'm not sure. I'm not sure what distance to do - just stick to the 2.5k (100 laps) or go crazy and try 5k (200 laps) thoughts?

p.s wearable planters? yes please! amazing!


dropstitch said...

I have a huge box of empty embroidery frames too. I bought them just before I became allergic to sewing needles. Aaargh! My hands are a bit better at the moment though, so I'm thinking of picking up the stitches again. Will look into the pretty backing technique. Thanks for sharing :)

ps Marmalade looks ace!

claire platt said...

perhaps the key is you can never have too many... You should def start stitching again if poss though as I love your stuff! I was so impressed with the backing technique I had to share, the description on the frame label of what to do is terrible!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

glad you liked the finishing tutorial - thanks for the link :)

i was looking at the photo wondering what it was when it struck me "OH IT'S A FANJO" :D

claire platt said...

no woirres at all - it is literally the best tutorial ever! honestly when i saw it I thought ohmygosh! that is how you make embroidery hoops look amazing!
+ haha. i read the word FANJO in the screened comment and was like what is that? then thought, ah yeah!