bits and bobs

old negatives

my great grandmother and my mum (the negative is too big for the enlarger I'm using... or the negative case in it, or something, I'm still learning!)
Some experiments with photograms and pinhole cameras


just some plain old drawing! (this was part of a mini project that I created then did with the students)

A kind of attempt at some transfer printing that could do with some practise

Having a go at some Batik - a technique I have never attempted until starting here.

Some paper shibori, which I think makes some really beautiful effects

One of the joys of my new job is the need (and also oppurtunity) to be creative and to experiment with some new and/or exisiting skills. A new thing I've been learning about is photography - the college I work at has a darkroom and the other people in my team have been showing me how to do various things. I've been experimenting with printing from some old negatives I found at my nans. I'm enjoying it - the 'science' behind the chemicals, timing, etc iit s quite daunting (and suprisingly technical) but it's really satifsying when the image starts to come through - especially when I'm developing from such old negative and the faces being revealed are of my family from days gone by. Hopefully I might be able to borrow a camera and have a go at taking my own roll of film this term. Anyway I just thought it would be fun to document and show a little bit of what I get up to so although my own practise has slowed down a little I'm still getting to be creative, just in a different capacity!

My new years resolution (more knitting!) is kind of holding up, I've got some freelance stuff to do and I'm knitting a new scarf/neck warmer/wrap ish thing which hopefully I'll finish this evening! I'm trying to think of something to make using this yarn because it looks so soft, and the colours are so wonderful. My current knitting plans are:
  • Socks
  • Cardigan (with my fairisle on pockets)
  • a beastly knits jumper (a crazy old book of amazing patterns I found at my great grans)
  • Some kind of cape ish jumper or top


roz inett said...

aw this looks fun! great excuse to try new things! i love using pinhole cameras, it feels like magic! i had to do it before I started art foundation, and developed them in the cupboard under the stairs.
i like the drawing too.

Sarah Dickson said...

I love seeing old photos :) Also that beastyly knit book looks amazing! i must learn to knit this year so i can make cute animal jumpers.


Catherine LES VIGNETTES said...

Really like the old pic of your grandmother ! Maybe you'd like to see my photographic interpretation of High Fibre by Fiona (you see, we have common connections !)

claire platt said...

roz - i know! they are completely amazing I couldn't believe it when my picture (sort of) came out! how did you do it under your stairs?

sarah - you should and then we can parade around in crazy animal jumpers!

catherine - love your photos of fionas stuff! thanks for commenting :)