picking pumpkins

Remember I was trying to grow a pumkin? Well mine actually withered away and didn't amount to much (I think it was a lack of sunshine combined with not very good soil!) but the one I gave to matthew went crazy and grew a MASSIVE pumkin! Hurray! That's right! It weighs just over 10lb! It was a very exciting affair - I'm hoping next year it will be somewhat of a competition between me and matthew as I still have quite a few seeds left over. Anyone who wishes to join us drop me an email with your address and I shall post you some seeds! Then come March the competition shall begin!


Camilla said...

OOh I have a garden now, but I don't know if i'll still be here in time to harvest a pumpkin. Maybe i'll try it and see.

Sarah Dickson said...

aw you look adorable picking pumpkins! :D