london fashion week: photos

Yay! Hats on the catwalk! It's all still seeming a little unreal but seeing video footage (alas, having a job prevented me attending) and photos of the show made it a tiny bit more real! There's photos of the whole collection over at Vogue. (!) Still pretty hyped about it all. I've got a busy week ahead: new exhibition this week, pictures/details to come shortly!

some other places with reviews/photos etc of Martine Rose:
- Esquire
- Superfuture
- Fashion 156
- house of fraser


Sarah Dickson said...

so amazing hun! also eeee about the collection being on vogue!


claire platt said...

thanks miss! + I know! when I saw it I was like omg! what! crazyness! xx

belleandboo said...

Hi Clare,

I really enjoyed reading your blog this morning whilst munching on my toast. I LOVE what you do, I have a particular fondness for planes as my dad is rather obsessed by them. I will keep my eyes opener so hopefully I can see some of your work in real life. Those hats are brilliant.


roz said...

this i brilliant! vogue woweeeeee! :)