two down, two to go

Voilà! Another Hat - meet the knitted fez. The tassle may change/is up for debate as to whether it should be there at all. Working full-time is challenging with fitting working/knitting also, but I think once my body gets used to the early starts (that is early starts that aren't just for knitting )things will even out about, so apologies for my lack of posting.

I really need to update properly about something that is ridiculously exciting but I want to dedicate some time/find out all the details properly first but if you look on my exhibitions page maybe you'll spot what it is...can you spot it?

+ a review of the Knit One, Purl One show on the Crafts Magazine News that mentions me!


Paul O'Dowd said...

That is amazing! I love the grain (?) of the knit, the pattern it makes. It looks really chunky.

Hey I am on an early start regime now. Today I woke up late at 8am and almost decided not to go to work because it felt so late :|

claire platt said...

Thanks man! I like the texture too + it's a pretty simple stitch pattern, moss stitch!

haha 8am does seem late actually which sounds crazy to say! at least i'm not alone in the early hours then! a shared torture!