london fashion week

The hats are all finished and have been dropped off today! It was a really exciting side project to be involved with as I've never made anything like them and I'm really looking forward to seeing them in context with the rest of the collection and on the heads of people of the correct gender (boys!) and who make things look good for a living (models!) So pictures with the hats without me in them coming soon! (hurray! no more random shots of me with my eyes shut!)

I can't believe I've made something that is going to be on the catwalk during London fashion week! Absolutly crazy! It's been such a wonderful oppurtunity! There's some more info on the show here and a lovely interview with Martine Rose (which is who I made the hats for) here . Can't wait to see the show!


Sarah Dickson said...

your hats are going to be in London fashion week? that is so cool! well done sweetie <3

ps. whens half term next so we can meet for lunch? :D


roz said...

thats so exciting can;t wait to see the photos on boys! :)