London Design Festival

I finally got along too Drink, Shop & Do this week to see my work, and the other wonderful pieces also! The bar looks fabulous with pompoms strung from the high vault ceilings and they have an exquisite selection of teas which are served from an equally exquisite collection of teapots! Drink, Shop & Do are on the trails for the London Design Festival and they've got tons of awesome events happening. In fact they do that most of the time! It's a really cool place so if you're stuck for something to do and you're in London I would definitely recommend it! and not just because the walls feature a few of my pieces!

My friend gave me a really bizzare curtain that she brought from the pier ages ago - I made it into a giant ball of yarn which I'm now going to knit this evening! Then tomorrow I'm off to check out all of the wonderful work on show at Tent and Origin + holding the ball of yarn up like this makes me think of this poster thats promoting Origin this year.


freshlychopped said...

all of your work looks so lovely! that picture with the giant ball of yarn is excellent and should be your profile/bio picture forever more! although we may miss seeing your lovely face!

littlemithi said...

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Smashing!

claire platt said...

thank you! i think it's the prettyness of the venue helping my work out there!
+ i made that my profile shot! good thinking!
thanks mithi!