Holidays, exhibitions, hats and knitting!

me at the top of snowdon!

The last week or so has been pretty hectic/awesome! I went away for a few days which was fun, I climbed Snowdon which was rather exciting (then later that following evening a storm came and destroyed our tent leaving us in well, a puddle and with very little sleep!) the tent business cut our trip shorter than expected as we were meant to be going on to Devon to meet some friends - I ended up spending most of the following days curled up sleeping!

photo by the wonderful camilla

photo by the wonderful camilla

Camillas amazing art raffle is up and running from now until September 11th! Want a chance to win one of my embroideries? all the details can be found here! and a shot of all the donations - here!

The knitting machine is up and running which is quite exciting.

I've started working on a new cardigan - it's a bit of an experiment as it's my own pattern. (it is actually much wider it's just curled in itself here!)

I'm still working on the hat project. This is a plain knit hat that isn't going to have any fixed panels. The inspiration was this so I believe when I had it over it's gonna have some headline-esque addition. It's a bit of a work in progress still deliberating if it needs a bigger brim/wire etc. I don't think I mentioned it before but the hats are for Martine Rose who makes wonderful menswear - particularly shirts. It's been exciting as I've been up to her studio a few times and caught a glimpse of her upcoming collection - wonderful!

brim down!

brim up!

I also started my new job this week! I now have a full-time day job! I'm still unsure as to how it's going to effect my creative practise but only time will tell! I've managed to come home and knit 2 evenings in a row now though which is a good start (and yesterday I even went out picking berries) I'm really excited about the job though - I'm a graduate trainee teacher - I'm working in a sixth form college full-time and they are also training me part-time! I'm going to be teaching in textiles and also, applied arts. It feels like the start of something good!

Things I'm currently enjoying:
- Emily Barletta's new embroideries
- belle and boo tape (I wish I had a use for beautiful tape)
- This jumper
- This video (watch it! watch it!)
- This interview (written by a friend of mine!)

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Sarah Dickson said...

such a cute picture! shame about the weather cutting your camping trip short though.

cant wait to see the finished cardie, i really like the colours. The hat is very sweet.

yay for starting your new job!