drink, shop, do!

my planes at the christmas cooler back in december

Well, it may look a little different as Kristie&Coralie have revamped the drink, shop & do and rather excitingly they invited my planes, owls and ducks to grace the walls once again. I'm not sure how they are to be displayed but I'm looking forward to seeing them as I loved the way the displayed them back in December with them flying down the wall! They officially open their doors tonight at 6pm so if your in the London area, more specifically, Kings Cross - do pop in! The front part of the shop looks just like the stripes on the website - it looks fantastic!

I will not be going to the opening as I'm going camping again... this is a little bit of a pattern for me when it's summer and I have little else to do! I went out on my bike today hampton court-weybridge it was lovely! Enjoying my last few weeks before starting work! (and trying to squeeze as much fun, friends, knitting and drawing in as possible!)

Things I'm currently enjoying:
-poppytalk's back to school 2010 lookbook
- especially bag's by scabby robot
- you should go to this tate late if your free tomorrow, because I can't
- this exhibtion at the fashion&textile museum was amazing
- vampire weekend
- that I'm about to leave to have dinner with some friends this evening

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