cardigans, hats, etc

I finished my cardigan! This is probably the biggest (well except the giant plane) thing I've knitted. Maybe biggest is the wrong word. Anyway I found great satisfaction in knitting a functional item - it was really nice to be able to put it on and think wow! I made it! I think I've fallen in love with the idea of knitting all my own cardigans.

Ah! A little flashback to my embroideries! My dear friend and partner in crime, Camilla is embarking on a whole new adventure, in which will shall move even more geographically apart! In order to help raise some funds for this new adventure Camilla is going to be holding an art raffle - I've donated these two pieces. There's lots of other wonderful people donating too and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is get yourself a raffle ticket! Keep on eye on Camilla's blog for more details! EDIT: the facebook page for the raffle

(left) uterus in green with beaded details, (right) clitoris in green with metallic threads

I'm currently pretty excited as I've just gotten involved with a new project. It is fashion based and if all goes well they may actually be on the catwalk for LFW which is pretty crazy. Anyway this is literally my first steps towards the designs. For inspiration I was given a reference image and this image included a beer can hat. I had never come across them before! Anyway this is my first attempt at one. I've used some cardboard (this isn't what will be used) but just to get an idea of shape. I've knitted a brim rather than crochet as I want to combine a bit of knitting really as it's my own preference when making! I'm really enjoying how it's going so far...

Please excuse this photo including me but I had to show the crazy height of the hat which I don't think is really that apparent in the previous shot. That said it was a bit of accident and probably something that I will be adjusting. I think a more prominent brim may be in order also.

I was a bit nervous about mentioning this on here but it is what I'm going to be doing for the next couple of weeks so I probably won't have too much else to be thinking about!

Things I'm currently enjoying:
- Cathy Cullis' acorns
- Drawings by Lisa Grue
- This video - it's got fabrications in it!
- new work by Julia Pott (aw! the houses!)
- the colour of this yarn by ms gusset


Amanda Goode said...

love the hat Claire

roz said...

love the cardi! gorgeous!
hat project looks crazy and exciting!

claire platt said...

thanks both of you!
it is pretty crazy... but in a good way! eep!

Sarah Dickson said...

aw that cardie looks so nice! :D

claire platt said...

thanks miss! its mega warm - in a weird way i'm hoping it will get cold soon just so I can wear it!