one day

I'm back from camping! the weather didn't hold out for that long, and I had to come back for my very last day working at the picture framers/the farnborough airshow. I can't believe that in less than a month I'll be starting my new job I feel like days like today will be few and far between when that comes about...

putting together photos to send off for things, I was also fixing the backs of a few pieces that are going to be on display in London soon.

Finally sewing up some socks I knitted

Then being inspired to start making some plans in my sketchbook for some knitted items, I'm hoping to start these soon and have a few pieces for a craft show I'm doing in November

Going for a swim with matthew (it's the school holidays now so he's off, yay!) then going to feed the ducks

Having my nails done, not that I have this done, well ever. My sister is a hairdresser and recently she's done some beauty based training and needed a test bunny for gel nails. Apparently they will last for 3 weeks and won't chip. I'm not really a fan of you know, painting my nails but I guess non chipping is good? fun times!

An old knitting pattern I found at my nans, hopefully I'll look just as stylish...

as this is what I'm doing this evening, more knitting! (I did some of this, this morning too!) Just what's left of this sleeve and I shall have a cardigan! Yay!

Also I changed my blog so it's hosted on my domain so now when you head over to www.claireplatt.com you'll come right back here! Hope it's all still working for followers etc!

Things I'm currently enjoying:
-no doubt writing new music
the outdoor swimming society
this pillow - cute!
that I'm going to this exhibition and this one tomorrow


d e b b i e said...

lovely knitting projects.
i LOVE the colour of that cardigan.

claire platt said...

I know me too!it was found along with the pattern at my nans! It's patons knit n save, which I don't think is made anymore so I'm hoping I don't run out of yarn before the end..!

freshlychopped said...

i adore those socks! if only i could get away with wearing those in texas without melting. : ) maybe for a visit to see the husbands family in scotland? one can dream!

claire platt said...

oh! I can't imagine it not being warm enough to wear socks somewhere ever - we only have a small amount of time here for that!
Scotland is definitely a sock sort of place!