New Designers (my favourties)

This Saturday me and Matt took part in the London part of The Great Swim a one mile swim in open water! It was amazing fun and I was pleased with my 36min and 3 seconds finish! Although I'm now eager to do it again, and beat my time! The weather was the perfect temperature - it's been so warm here, it was really refreshing!

Today was the last day at new designers...over the course of the 5 days I was there I spent alot of time wandering around in search of beautiful things. I found many and picked up 28 business cards/postcards in total. I was a little selective, I didn't take one if there wasn't a website as I wouldn't really know what to do with it. This evening I sat down to what I assumed to be a daunting task which would lead to my favourites being spread out across 2 or 3 seperate blog posts. I was sadden to discover, at least 10+ cards provided me with a website which didn't exist, several more to pages lacking in images/information etc. The experience has also left me fairly unconvinced of using tumblr for a blog/website. (Thoughts?) I must say I was more than a little disappointed, mostly because the work was really fantastic and I wanted to share it... anyway! These wonderful people below have beautiful work and wonderful websites/blogs...

Rie Suzuki
Rie was from the same stand as me! Before the show I was unfamilar with the work of the other people on the stand having finished at Uni before/been on a different course. Rie makes the most stunning embroidery/fabric manipulation pieces. The colours are fantastic, the display is beautiful and I really want to own the blue piece in the forefront of this image.

I was drawn over to look at Lorna's work, mostly because of the socks I could see dangling from her rail. They are amazing! There were also pink/grey and orange/grey combinations, a pair to go with each outfit in her final collection I believe. The combination of hand-knitting, printed fabrics and construction (wow! all of that from one person!) was really inspiring and the patterns she creates are really refreshing and fair-isle esque and basically very much to my taste aesthetically. Probably my favourite collection of work overall.
Can you see the knitted cardigan on the far left? and that scarf a few over? and the way the pieces have been styled? + The knitting on that cardigan is fantastic.

Charlotte Johnson
I'm eagerly awaiting some more updates on charlottes blog. Her collection is inspired by romany caravans and the pieces are so delicate. I was having trouble putting into words what I like about the pieces and Charlotte's own words sum it up really well - have a look at them here I particularly like 'romantic vintage feeling'

Kitsch crochet and steam bent oak = fantastically beautiful objects. I especially love the printed detail on the wood and the innovative take on traditional domestic items. see? If I had my own house I think I would be selecting one of these items for it!

I really enjoyed being apart of and visiting the show! It's a very inspiring enviroment! I'm in a super mood at the moment as I'm being whisked off for a two day break by Matt, to an unknown/surprise location, to celebrate me turning a quarter of a century in age! Yay for Monday morning adventures!


Sarah Dickson said...

hehe your mad! but it does kinda look like fun ;) who won out of you and matt?

Glad the designers week went well :) have you thought about wordpress for a website instead of tumblr?

Hope you have a great birthday, cant wait to find out what matt planned for you :D
Pete will post your card today <3

claire platt said...

I won! wootwoot! only by 2/3 mins though!

The tumblr thing wasn't for me, I'm happy where I am websitewise - it was more a comment on the terrible 'websites' I found when looking through the cards I'd picked up that were using tumblr!

+ thank you! i'm excited too! better go back! I leave in 1.5 hours! eeeeeeeeeek!