little houses

This morning I decided to start sketching some new ideas. I've been photographing different houses for a while now,a new interest I guess. I'm excited my idea (there's a tiny terrible sketch in the top right of one of the drawings above) is to kind of combine houses/planes. Perhaps the houses will be a little more functional though, 3d maybe, could have a double use as doorstops or something along those lines. I feel as though I'm getting somewhere with all the thoughts in my head suddenly. I think it was the combination of new designers/the shows I went to see/ getting away for a few days. Lots of fresh inspiration and a push I guess to start working on things! I really loved drawing this morning though, it felt really good.

Things I'm currently enjoying:
-using you tube to get an ideas about how to make rugs
- porcelain artwork by ashleyg
- anna haworths photos of aircraft
- this song
- this video of a p-38 at an airshow in May! Awesome!
- the fact my sister just arrived to cut my hair! woo!

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