relief and lions

Today has been tiring, mostly because it involved going to bath and back, although I did have the company of my dad for the trip which was much appreciated as my car has been making some rather curious noises... I was pleased to be transported in another vehicle! I had to go down to uni to set up my board for New Designers (which is on next week from the 1st-4th July in London, please drop by if your around!) I feel a bit better now that the work is ready + all my bits are in my portfolio. This will be my first time exhibiting a framed plane, I'm excited! It isn't actually wonky on the board, I was kneeling down to photo it!

How cute? A scrabble piece covered Lion. It seems random artist decorated statue animal things are all the rage as there are Lions in Bath and Elephants in London at the moment!

Now that New Designers isn't playing on my mind I'm hoping to get on with some new work, drawing I think. I want to be re inspired. I'm also still knitting away, this week it is a cardigan. And hoping to fit in a few swims over the next 10 days - practise for the great swim I have a wetsuit, giant goggles, and soon... a swim cap! That sounds like a moment worth photographing and rather unfortunately I discovered the organises take a shot of you after you've swam, sexy!

Things I'm currently enjoying:
work by ashley g and drew, especially miniature pieces
my friend roz's ceramic pieces
anticpating the opening of this exhibition
listening to kraftwerk


littlemithi said...

whee! I'm hoping to visit New designers coz I always loved the surface design stuff ... will come and say hello if you are ther ...

roz said...

is that a lioness? or did it have a mane? i just wondered cos the ones in northampton were definitely male....oh yeah, if u still have any tickets to new designers left i'd like to come see you there! but don't worry if u don't! i just realised that wednesday night would be the only night i'd be able to come up cos i'm working and covering u! duh! :)

claire platt said...

haha. oh yeah i totally forgot that!
They all kind of hand a bumpy shape on them that looked like a mane so I think they were male too!
+ yes I've def got a +1 for wednesday night, with your name on it!

leslie.conner said...

wow- that is some awesome knitting!