Some mounted swatches! Thankfully I keep a notebook with pattern/yarn/cast on/rows etc etc so I've been able to select, mount and include detailed labelling of these! I think that my portofolio looks fairly simplictic (or it's shaping up too) I've just got to mount a few drawings, and a whole load of photos and it'll be good to go. I should probably knit a couple of aran swatches too, I'm not sure though, whenever I glance at the plane (the wing of which is next to me as I type this) I can see some beautiful pattern bits, and I remember 90% of my knitting is actual part of my finished pieces and I don't have millions of swatches. Is it worth knitting a couple or should I leave it up to the photographs.. thoughts?

Things I'm currently enjoying:
- Listening to elvis costello (3 days!)
- the giraffe drawings my friend drew for me!
- annie larsons online shop
- this reader giveaway on covet chicago, it is awesome!
- reading slogans to fly by and plotting a series of drawings

I particularly like this one because I don't like them:

"Helicopters can't really fly - they're just so ugly that the earth immediately repels them"


Things Hand Made said...

I just think its sooo coool... knitting aeroplanes!

claire platt said...

Thank you :D always nice to hear!

Sarah Dickson said...

i really like those swatches. maybe you could knit swatches of the patterns you like the very best?

aww im glad you the giraffes! i will do a nice finished picture for you <3

claire platt said...

the giraffes are seriously amazing! I love them!

woot! I get to see you in a couple of hours! yay!

Brigitte said...

Thanks for linking my giveaway!

claire platt said...

no worries at all! It's an amazing giveaway!

roz said...

those swatches look lush! i can't quite get over that its all hand knitting, i can't knit for toffee. (and i really like toffee) hope you enjoyed costello tonight!