pumpkin pie

I'm trying to grow vegtables (and some fruit!) in my garden at the moment, I was very excited to discover these beautiful yellow flowers on my pumpkin patch (or pumpkin pot!)

Apologies for my disperate posting. I'm still knitting, thinking about planes, plotting, planning etc.


Sarah Dickson said...

aw pretty flower :)

do you work full time now? i was thinking we could meet up soon if your free on weekdays?

freshlychopped said...

so pretty! not something you would expect from the eating kind of garden. : )

claire platt said...

sarah - No I'm part time over the next few weeks then a little bit full time then p/t then a holiday! ha! We could meet up one day next week?

+ I know! I was quite surprised, I google it to check it was meant to get flowers, at least it shall have looked pretty for a while even if I don't master pumpkin growing!

Elle Sees said...

i wish i could knit and sew!

claire platt said...

You totally could! I learnt how to knit by watching online videos this site: http://www.knittinghelp.com/ is a good start :)