Planes in the Tate Britain

Today was setup day for New Designers - It all kicks off tomorrow!

After going along to help/check out what was going on, I wandered across the road to the relocated loop. It looks lovely and I discovered some interesting yarn called 'knit collage' I'm not sure what I would knit with it, but it did look wonderful.

Later I met Matt and we went on a touristy route from trafalgar square to the Tate Britain (think big ben etc) to see Fiona Banner's new work. It is located in the Duveen Galleries so it's particularly effective if you enter via the Millbank entrance! It was absolutly stunning! + a interesting bonus: we could take pictures of ourselves in the reflection of the Sepecat Jaguar! After reading a few articles this evening I think I'm going to be spending alot more time reading up on Fiona Banners works. Feeling really inspired!


Things Hand Made said...

I am so glad you have seen them. I saw that on the news last night and instantly though of your work. I was explaining to my husband about a blog who knitted planes and one of those conversations followed where he tough they were full size planes!

Ceri E. S. White said...

Thanks for posting these pix - I heard about the Fiona Banner planes on R4's Front Row yesterday - great to see them! x

claire platt said...

I get the full size thing alot - that would be EPIC if it was true!
+ no worries about posting pictures ceri - there are some really good ones over on her site too! when the gallery is nice and quiet!