new planes

hand-knitted lancaster bomber

hand-knitted lancaster bomber

hand-knitted Boeing 747

Pair of hand-knitted Boeing 747's

Apologies, it is a rather cloudy day and I'm still learning to master exposure settings on my camera! Hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow...

Yay! finally some new planes. It seemed a painfully slow process making them so I thought I'd list all the parts : creating new drawings, making illustrator files of said drawings, waiting to collect new wood pieces, deciding which wool, ordering wool, waiting for wool, making new patterns, actually knitting, getting some new staples, ordering some fabric for the backing pieces, tracing the wood pieces onto fabric, cutting them out, attaching the knitted sections, stitching the last bits into place, attaching d-hooks so they can hang on the wall, photographing them. I still need to stitch my woven labels on to the back sections, unattach the d-hooks, attach the backing fabric and reattach the d-hooks!

Some of those sections mostly the 'waiting' periods took far longer than expected, particularly as I was very indecisve about which fabric to get for the backs and then it took almost 3 weeks to arrive at the shop I ordered it from! Would you believe I began planning these in March, that said I haven't been doing them 100% of the time so perhaps it's to be expected.

I'm hoping to knit a 3rd boeing using a similar pattern except the 3rd will be a slightly larger plane. I'm back to thinking in 3s. I think it's partly because although I enjoy making all the different patterns, I tend to knit/write them at the same time so the 1st plane has alot of trial and error (or knitting and frogging!) I enjoy knitting that way because it feels more spontaneous and creative, if that makes sense, but I quite enjoyed knitting the 2nd boeing as all I had to do was follow my fully finished instructions! I think this is stemming from my new found interest in knitting other things, I've made another pair of socks, a purse and I've started knitting a cardigan (which was partially knitted already, my nan had started it some time ago) I've also been drawing alot. hmmm.

Anyway each of the pieces above have been knitted using undyed pure teeswater wool. It is lovely to knit with and I fell in love with it after discovering it at wonderwool in Wales last year. I was also fortunate to meet some of the beautiful sheep that produce the wool, I think that's what really drew me too it! and I source it from the UK! Awesome stuff!

I'm doing this in 18 days. I now have a wetsuit and giant goggles! I'm excited.


Sarah Dickson said...

i like the lancaster bomber, i have a bit of a soft spot for them as they're one of my dads fave plans :)

aw thats nice that you got to meet the sheep that made the wool.

Lauren said...

Holy crap, these are amazing!

claire platt said...

Thanks sarah - They are such nice planes! I'm always slightly sad when I think of them tho i've always been unlucky when hoping to see them at airshows! (they are meant to fly but then end up not being able to!
+ thank you lauren!

lisa s said...

claire - these look fantastic... truly. [and loved reading about your process!]

Fran Neylan-Moore said...

Is there a possibility you have posted the patterns for these amazing planes somewhere?

Fran Neylan-Moore said...

These were posted so long ago, but my fiancee is a WW2 model plane builder and I'm a knitter. I would love to find these patterns, so I can knit him one as a surprise!

claire platt said...

Hi Fran :) thanks for your comments! I haven't posted the patterns as I make each one as a one off for exhibitions! Sorry! Thanks for your interest though - Claire