day off

Today I've been taking a 'day off' literally as I'm not at my paid job, but also I'm not doing any other kind of work... apart from chores that is, cleaning my car, hoovering the house, hanging some pictures up. I've also been sorting my sewing boxes (a seemingly never ending task!) and I thought I'd photograph some of the bits and pieces in there. These are some cards with embroideries in. They are really small but completely stunning...

This is what's on the back of two of the cards. I can't believe they came free with tabacco?! That's also tabacco I assume my great grandmother smoked, as most of the things I have I inherited from her, I've no idea how old any of the pieces are, but they packaging is really awesome! I've been uploading some more onto my TUMBLR. (which I'm generally pretty bad at using)

I hung these flying ducks above my wardrobe today!

Things I'm currently enjoying:
This necklace and also these necklaces
looking at clare toughs knitwear
finding out about an exhibition via someone I volunteered with's blog and discovering an old tutor of mine is in it
hanging pictures/ducks in my bedroom


dropstitch said...

These are gorgeous! I've really got to take up smoking... ;)

d e b b i e said...

i like the look of those embroidery cards!