mixed bag

I've been feeling destructive over the last week. I decided I ought to neaten up my pattern file and get to designing and making patterns for my new pieces properly. I love drawing knitting. I keep daydreaming about creating a little set of drawn knitted planes. Anyway, I was doing this at the same time as reflecting on what I ought to put in a portfolio/wanting to tidy my room. Tidying my room is a fairly regular urge I like to declutter a lot and generally try not to do it too regularly as I get in a weird mode and occasionally get rid of things I ought not too. TANGENT. (sort of.) As I was looking over my patterns I realised that I didn't have any written down for the pieces above (and those not pictured but from around that time, my 'sample' planes) Then I remembered...I threw them out. Literally, I would work out the pattern, scrawl it onto a post it note (pink, of course) knit it, and discard it. Fairly foolish retrospectivly. Then I thought about my urge to tidy, and my want for some new yarn to mess around with, and that pile of sample planes. and how beautiful things like this are (bookhou)

so I am slowly destroying my sample planes, unravelling those that were knitted and salvaging the yarn and also the woodcut pieces beneath. I'm hoping to paint/stain the wooden pieces so I have a collection of simple planes that I can play around with installing. The yarn can be used for my evening urges to just knit.

and plotting new pieces...

(coffee is always needed for this!)


tinee said...

WhaaAAT?! You destroyed all of them?? Oh nooooo..why?
But yeah, i feel ya...kind of ;)
If you ever find the perfect way to tidy up and NOT regret it a few weeks, months later, let me know! I still don't find my ways around my new desk. sigh..

claire platt said...

All but 3! (not my more recent ones I might add, just those ones pictured!)

it felt like the right thing to do!

Yeah i'm still working on the perfect tidy up!

lotta said...

My son loves airplanes. He can spot them in the sky and identify its make and model. If he was younger I would get him one of your "knitted" planes. I love how you make something hard and purely mechanical into something soft and human. Thanks for visiting inleaf.

claire platt said...

thats okay! I love your work, its beautiful!
thanks for the kind words - your son sounds awesome, people who are that involved with planes is part of what inspires my work!

hermionerose said...

I totally LOVE your planes, it's great to see how you've progressed from uni too, keep up the awesome work lovely! Wonder if anyone else from our course has blogs too?! x

claire platt said...

Aww thanks! Yeah it's been fun seeing what you've been up too as well! your stuff is lovely!
I don't know about anyone else - altho I haven't really looked! would be cool to see what people are up too!

lisa s said...

i love your planes [duh]. i can't believe you threw out those plans. i have a serious thing for "keys"/"plans" too - there is something really calming about those types of drawings to me.

good lucky tidying. i need to do that in a BIG way

claire platt said...

They are still here! so not thrown out exactly.. more dismantled awaiting recycling.

I need luck! tidying = a very slow process for me!