So after posting and reading more about habazome I decided to give it a try yesterday! I learnt a little about what does and doesn't work by having a go on some linen first and then finally did some onto a machine knitted lambswool sample offcut piece I had lying around!

first I picked some pretty little things from my garden

then located a hammer

then folded the fabric and bashed away at it (I accidently knocked my finger whilst doing this it wasn't fun)

it didn't come out too well on the linen so here's my second attempt! bluebells on lambswool (it makes two prints really as the fabric is folded, like those butterflys you make as kids when painting)

ta da!

I decided the little blue flowers (forget me nots) I found in my garden absolutly had to be drawn. We have lots of them in the garden at the moment.

I'm excited to experiment some more with this, I might hand-knit some lambswool up and have another go.

Over the weekend the Knit One, Purl One exhibtion opened up in Rochdale, it's on until July 4th! I'm excited to see some photos of the show and I'm hoping I might get the chance to pop up there at some point although it will be quite the daytrip as it is fairly far from me! I found a little review of the show already : "Also look out for flying ducks on the staircase by Claire Platt" and whilst I was searching for it I noticed my framed plane was featured on knit hacker! awesome.

In much more exciting news, I've been offered a teaching/training job that starts in September! I'll be teaching Textiles (and art!) at a local college and they'll be training me part time too so I'll have a teaching qualification at the end of it as well as having a job in the meantime! I'm really excited! I've been volunteering/applying for positions/interviewing etc etc for the last few months (or 6!) and it has finally paid off! Pardon hardly mentioning it before but I'm one of those who thinks if you mention something it'll get jinxed or something like that! (or if I fail them people will continue to ask and I'd rather just keep it hush till I know!) Anyway! Celebrations will be happening this week! yay!


Yummy Lavender said...

Congrats on the new job, I know how you feel about the Jinx, I'm also a great believer in not revealing too much before a big event.

claire platt said...

Thank you! - I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way! :)

Things Hand Made said...

Well done on the job, sounds very exciting. D On the subject of the flower bashing! do you need to "set" the colours? How permanent are they?

claire platt said...


According to what i've read you just need to iron them to fix it! I'm haven't tested how well that works tho I'm afraid!

Knotted Nest said...

What an amazing technique! I'm excited to see how it's incorporated into your practice.

Congrats also on the new job! It sounds like an amazing opportunity.