edible garden

"geraniums bashed into machine knitted wool fabric" photo credit (what a wonderful image!)

I've fallen in love with the bbc2 programme 'the edible garden' it is amazing! I particularly loved watching and discovering about 'hapa-zome' (a type of leaf printing from Japan) I'm feeling very gardeny all of a sudden, over the last few weeks I've planted pumpkins, onions, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes and lavender. I shall be photographing them as they (hopefully) begin to grow! I'm going to hunt for some interesting things to try hapazome too...I have also noticed some other lovely mentions of the show in the blogosphere looks like i'm not the only one enjoying the show - here, and here so if you haven't seen the show yet catch up on iplayer! (sorry non uk'ers)

Also I love these prints gretchen mist at the moment! beautiful!


Yummy Lavender said...

I caught The Edible Garden the other day, per chance, and loved it too! When I get my first ever garden I want it to be just like that!

claire platt said...

I know! my thoughts exactly! it is simply the best garden, I'm eyeing up the book she's got out as well I'm going to check it out at the bookshop today! (hopefully it will be tips on how to make an awesome garden like hers!)