Hand knitted 'In Flight' Duck II

This week has felt really busy and somewhat short with a bank holiday at the start! - I began the week finishing the grey duck above ready to go into this upcoming exhibition! It'll be displayed alongside these two pieces in a throwback to the flying ducks of the 70s kind of style! I'm really excited to have been asked to be a part of the show - I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

On wednesday I went to a workshop training session for the river and cloth project - i'm helping out as a workshop assistant and so far it has been SO much fun being a volunteer! The artist running the print project, sandrine case, did a session for the volunteers and we got shown how to do block and resist printing! (that printing next to my knitting is my attempt at block printing!) It sparked an interest in printing/drawing/something - I left feeling really inspired and I'm looking forward to helping at the sessions over may/june! Also for any UK'ers the workshop was held at Merton Abbey Mills, and I stumbled across Sun Hill police station on my way back to the tram! I found this most exciting!

My inspiration turned into a mission to tidy my bedroom/studio - hence some photos of my new tidy ish space! Also I realised after taking so many pictures of my studio last year, it's something I haven't done since moving back to my parents! I mostly work in the armchair in the corner tho... I didn't think to photo that! But right now I'm sitting at the desk above! I feel organised and refreshed! I want to tidy was also prompted by purchasing this wonderful print by Leah Duncan from the show and wanting to finally get around to putting nice things on my wall!

Unfortunately my newly tidy studio space will be somewhat vacant most of the week due to many shifts at work and some volunteering also! Evenings only for drawing and knitting this week!


roz said...

aww your workspace looks lovely! wow to your blythe dolls and lovely vintage machine!
i really need to tidy/reorganise my room!

claire platt said...

i love old sewing machines! I really ought to check if that one works... i'm yet to actually use it which is a bit silly !

+ yay for blythe!

dropstitch said...

Ooh, your tidiness is inspiring me. My crafty room (well, whole house really) is suffering from post-market bombsite syndrome. Your desk looks gorgeous. Must tidy!

claire platt said...

I probably should have done before and after shots! I had a similar thing post-exhibition bombsite i think tho! it made crazy tidy gnomes explode out of my head - hence the tidy now!
Tidy and take pictures too! yay!