I've been drawing a lot recently, in my sketchbook, which I don't normally share on here but it's all I've been doing and I felt like updating so why not! Above is some of my 'paisley' inspired doddles, I've got pages and pages of them. I've started to devlop them further bringing in planes and adapting the composition, but alas I tend to only draw in 4h pencils which make the drawings somewhat impossibly to photograph in their current state! I'm not sure where it's going to be honest, but I'm enjoying it.

I've also been enjoying using tumblr, planning new planes for new designers, plotting a new embroidery piece for an exhibition in the Autumn (theme: favourite things), the sunshine staying around till 8ish and early evening trips to visit the ducks at the park and creating pages on the blog.

Although I imagine many are enjoying the lack of aeroplanes in the sky - I most certainly am not! I miss seeing them in the sky.


Karena said...

Cliare how beautiful, I love paisley patterns. I love your designs! come follow me!

Art by Karena

freshlychopped said...

these look fantastic! i didn't know you also had this talent!

claire platt said...

aww thanks! I tend to hide my drawings in my room and scarcely put them online, which I guess is a little odd as my undergrad degree was in drawing!