I was tagged by the lovely laura of dropstitch to do this

1: Open your first photo folder,
2: scroll to the 10th photo,
3: Post the photo and the story behind it,
4: Tag 5 or more peeps to continue the thread

Firstly I love that I organise my picture folder alphabetically A- is for AIRSHOWS.

I am fairly excited that photo 10 happened to be a mixture of things, a photo actually in focus (it's hard to take pictures of moving things!) a fairly close range shot, and of the best thing I have ever seen at an airshow. I think. Although my love is generally WWI and WWII planes, theres something about the colours, shapes, sounds and history that just draws me in. I have a huge love for boeings. This photo was taken at the Biggin Hill airshow 2009. A virgin atlantic boeing 747 and the red arrows did a fly past and they played the music from this advert as they did it! it was incredible!

I tag, roz,
Cassandra , mithi, Leah of Freshlychopped and paul


dropstitch said...

Can't believe you had such a great tenth picture! So jammy... or was it? ;) I don't doubt you! Sorry I haven't replied to your email yet - it is high on my to do list, I promise.

claire platt said...

haha! i was tempted to find a cool picture a cheat (GASP!) till i realised my first folder was airshow! luckily the first lot of pictures in the folder are the ones from my dads camera I think and his camera has a better shutter speed!
No worries about the email! i'm glad to not be bombarded with the all at once tbh it makes putting them on the blog a little easier! x