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hand knitted Heinkel He 111

I've just finished knitting two more of these to go alongside this one. I think they will be marking the last of my german WWII bombers, for now at least. This summer/autumn marks the 7oth anniversary of the battle of britain so my new pieces will be centred entirely around British planes and those specifically involved - they are waiting to be cut as we speak! My work for the calm air all ice show is going to be marking my goodbye to the Heinkel for now. It may just be my knitted planes but I'm hoping I have the time to develop a commemorative plate, drawing or embroidery to go alongside a plane. they are all just ideas living in my sketchbook at the moment and time is ticking down.

The commemorative plate idea has been lingering around ever since I discovered you can get paints/pens to use on ceramic pieces! now i'm just hunting down the perfect plate... I think i'm going to have to make a whole post dedicated to beautiful plates soon tho. (for example look at these - incredible!)

It feels the right time to wave goodbye to the Heinkel (particularly as it's demise as a bomber began after the battle of britain) Also the week of the exhibition I'll be collecting my new wood frames, and the following week I'll be sending some work off to another exhibition, the last of my 'in flight' related pieces. A fresh start! new collection theme=battle of britain and I'm really feeling it! I may have kept it quiet on here but right now I feel like I'm emerging from a major artists block so it's really helped getting this out! woo! let's fly forward!


Camilla said...

Claire your maths is terrible- it's 70 years since the Battle of Britain, unless you are in some kind of weird 80s land!

claire platt said...

hahaha. what. i have no idea why i wrote that? my brain has left me this week. EDITED.

Knotted Nest said...

Gorgeous piece. I wish I could see it in person. Good luck with your next series!

SarahandJoe said...

I fell in love with this the moment I saw it on Lisa Soloman's link to Calm Air All Ice. How I wish I had seen the show. Do you ever sell your planes?
Sarah x

claire platt said...

aww thank you!
I do sell them yes - sometimes they are up on etsy, though more often not, i tend to sell at exhibitions/craft fairs more so - your welcome to email me if you want and I can let you know prices/more info etc :)

my emails info[at]claireplatt[dot]com