hand embroidered lancaster bombers on screen printed canvas

This is one of the pieces I've been working on for the upcoming calm air all ice exhibition the screen printed fabric was something I did last year at uni when I was learning how to screen print - yes it was a little off track but at the very start of my masters I spent time in the V&A drawing from lace etc so I sort of made a larger mis-matched version of that. I'm enjoying the simplicity of just the stitched outlines and I'm hoping it will sit well against the knitted piece - I've still got a few little bits too add and need to fix the edges of course. I'd forgotten about the fabric - and embroidery somewhat, it's been a long time. I'm looking forward to creating a set of embroideries like these, perhaps a few on canvas and playing around with some more printing/embroidery combinations in the near future!

My other task today was to knit a new duck to go with the two I currently have for an exhibtion that opens in May at the touchstones gallery - I feel very lucky to have been invited to show work as the other artists showing are amazing. I've knitted most of the aran sections this afternoon, I should be able to finish it over the next few evenings (alas work shall take up my daytimes for the next 3 days, le sigh) The yarn is fanastic to work with - although it is one of my most expensive yarn selecitons - it's black hills yarn and I highly recommend it (don't let the price put you off, perhaps a small project? it's worth it!)

I've been enjoying the delights of tumblr of late, yes another place I can be found on the internet, I'm sure this place is an addiction. I like that I can just post a photo, with none or little words, it's nice to just share pictures (even if it's only with myself) of things I'm finding inspiring at the moment.

I think I'm in for a curious evening, my dad is taking me and my mother to Jethro Tull... enjoy your weekend!

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