Ah! New year = the plan to really sort my portfolio. As weird as it sounds whilst I do have a portfolio, I have work, a folder etc it really feels as though Ineed to spend some concentrated time on selecting and recreating some samples, selecting drawings, images etc and mounting and just making sure I have a really neat, super presentable selection of work so that at the drop of a hat I would be able to take my portfolio out if need be. At the moment I could do this but I've found particular works are currently mounted differently and I've been terribly indecisive with the whole thing. I think my updates over the next week or some will generally consist of the stages of putting it together! I love collating work and I think its something important that I have neglected since finishing my masters.

This, for me, includes putting together some photographs of selected exhibitions. Above is from when my work was shown at the zwarte markt with kleinefabriek in Amsterdam, Holland. For some reason I had never downloaded the picture from the email it was sent with and subsequently have not put it online until today (and have probably only seen it once before myself! ha!) It was exciting to find, I like the shot - it's different. The only time I've had my embroideries exhibited in a box of pebbles/beans (?) and I like the contrast of it against my other exhibition shots!

p.s my inspirational find of the day thanks to bloesem is Caroline Gomez I think my other new year plan should be to take on all the inspiration I find in simple designs/neutral colours and really push it into my work!

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