planes been framed!

So the frame plane started a few weeks ago (remember?) I'm still working on attaching the plane to the backing board but I just couldn't wait to put a plane in and see how it looked! so this is roughly how it would look except there wouldn't be a slight gap between the back and the glass and I wouldn't hang it on my floor! I'm going to make specification sheets to go with each and they will sit inside the frames. I need to scan a spec to explain what I mean but in my old recognition books each plane comes with a small black silhouette of the plane and a list of specifications (length, weight, max speed, first flight etc) and I'm going to additionally add specifications of aran patterns used, yarn used, sheep yarn is from etc. It'll be very small inside the frame but I feel like this is coming together for me suddenly as that is pretty much the idea I had in my head somewhere but I couldn't work out how to do it and framing has solved that! I know it'll make the installation a little different, no more formation flying on the wall... but I'm really excited about this! Now just to get some more frames...

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