happy new year!

So I had quite the break from the internet over the festive period! It was nice to just relax and catch up with friends and family (oh! and do extra shifts at work... hmm!) I also had a little freelance work which was quite exciting. I felt on some days at least I was more productive than normal as I wasn't checking the computer often at all so I think my news years resolution is not less time at the computer but to make sure my time spent on it is productive not counter-productive!

I went to see the winter selection at the Rebecca Hossack gallery on Monday. They have a really beautiful mix of textile, sculpture and painted pieces. I was totally inspired by these pieces by Kate Jenkins, not so much the content or the craft (although they are completley incredible!) but the display - framed! box frames. There's been something annoying me about my pieces for a while now (and subsquently I've not been creating new work) I couldn't put my finger on it and as soon as I saw this I could picture my planes in boxes. I was going to venture to ikea to do a test run (we don't sell the right frames in the framers I work in incase you wondered!) but alas the snow has come so I shall have to delay the idea until I can get there but I feel excited again!

Oh I'm loving this. I got a new camera over christmas so I think I shall be enjoying that soon!

Oh! my hat/scarf/necklace have been keeping me mega warm on the recent cold days! brr!

happy new year to all! Happy new decade in fact!


Cassandra said...

I got your package in the mail and I am in LOVE. I just moved into a new place and these will be the first things on my wall. My bf wasn't entirely impressed, but I think uteri freak him out a little, haha. He should just be glad I'm not hanging them in the kitchen (FOR NOW).

claire platt said...

oh yay! I'm glad it got there okay and that it was well recieved! Mmm boys don't seem too impressed by them in general a comment left in a book at an exhibition was like 'where are the penis'?!!' (from a boy!) haha!

Paul O'Dowd said...

Hey I love your montage thing! I hadn't seriously considered them but that looks cool. And I realised recently that with your shorter hair you remind me of Björk.

claire platt said...

Yeah I think they could be quite fun if you planned some pictures/colours that went really well!
bjork! that is quite random... but cool. I love the way she dresses!

littlemithi said...

Ah ... you look so good with sparklies ... :)

Happy nu year miss!