It suddenly seems really cold out! So I knitted myself a hat last night to go with the scarf and crochet necklace I already to had for ultimate warmth! It was much needed this morning on my early morning errand running - although it's a shame I couldn't get a good photo of it all! The wool is really cute, I picked it up ages ago when still living in Bristol, House of Fraser was closing down and they reduced big bags of rowan wools to amazingly cheap and I got some! In real life it's grey + lots of different flecks of pink, green, blue, yellow, orange and probably some more colours too! I love it!

I'm having a mini break from any art based making from this week till the new year - I think I need some head space to work out what I want too (and need too!) be working on. I've got a few things scheduled already for next year which are the need toos but otherwise I'm taking a back and trying to gather inspiration and ideas together. I'm also enjoying knitting a few last mintue christmas gifts + I have lots of extra shifts at my p/t job as it's coming up to christmas too!

Today I love this. Natural colours, simplicity, beauty.

by land rich which I discovered thanks to Oh Joy!

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littlemithi said...

Oh, I feel all cozy inside ...

have a happy crimbo miss, and hope you manage to work out what you want/need to do next year ... I'm having to do quite a bit of that myself :)