Kristie and Coralies Christmas Cooler

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Yesterday was the first day of Krisite and Coralie's Christmas Cooler! I've got some planes, ducks and owls up on the walls and I was most excited to discover my planes shooting down the walls for a change! The place looks lovely and there is lots of activities going on while it's open as well as yummy cake (tried and tested) and cocktails! There's also lots of beautiful things for sale and on display. So if your in London over the next few weeks it's definatly worth a visit!

Don't forget to comment on my last post before midnight tonight for your chance to win a uterus!

Krisitie and Coralies!

also thanks to the wonderful mithi who spotted me getting a mention on modish and design is mine. Also the London stitch and bitchers gave one my owls a mention on the newsletter and blog

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Hannah said...

yes i saw you on design is mine! congrats!

i love your planes. they look great pointing down!