misi craft fair!

So since my last post I am much less ill which is rather wonderful! I completely lost my voice at one point which has never happened to me before, I was left with a rather husky sounding voice for a few days too which was quite fun... this weekend me and alexis richards (who I was on my MA with!) joined forces to have a stall at the MISI craft fair! It was fun and exciting to keep bantering beforehand about what we were making and have it all come together on the day! Hopefully it'll be the start of many a shared stall to come! I made a few new things - mostly some small stuffed owls which I love. I'm toying with naming them officially as I've named them myself already but I think nametags may come soon! I'm sending a few owls down to a gallery along with my other wall pieces next week but I'm already starting to think about some other stuffed pieces - I want them to be able to hang on the wall alongside the woodcut pieces I think.

The fair was really fun and it was good to have something to work towards - I've still got a few other things going on this side of christmas that I need to work for but I'm hoping to have a kind of break - but more in the way of a break to sit back and reflect on how to develop my current work and to bounce a few new ideas around in my head! Things have been some busy since finishing the MA (not that I'm complaining mind!) that I haven't had a chance to catch up with myself almost!

this week is all about: to do lists, posting out work, organising, tidying/sorting and gathering inspiration!


Camilla said...

How did the rest of the fair go? Did you end up selling much?

claire platt said...

yush it went a bit better sold a few other bits including one of my ducks! yay! (altho i was a bit sad to see him go!)