Milsom Place

So yesterday I went down to Bath to put up an exhibition in Milsom Place it was a pretty epic day - me and my dad awoke at 5am and drove down hung, had lunch and drove back! I feel pretty tired now (she says at 11.30pm... I should be sleeping) but that is perhaps just because I was working Thursday, and today and will be working tomorrow and Monday also! ah! and Tuesday too... I was quite pleased with the hanging anyway - It's linked with my MA course so me and the other graduates are showcasing our final collections! Hopefully I'll get some shots of everyones work next week (a few people were still finishing when I had to leave yesterday!) I seem to have rather unfortunate luck with fire exits and alarms so I tried out some rather unusual angles to try and remove the big red alarm!...

more pictures

One of my planes was featured in someones Etsy Treasury which was lovely - I feel a tad out of the loop with Etsy sometimes as really, I'm not quite sure what the Treasury is but it is nice all the same! + re: my booklist post thanks for the suggestions! I took up my anon (aka my dad) and have nearly finished High Fidelity and I'll be having a look at the others too!

I rarely post pictures of myself on her so incase you wonder what I look like (although I'm sure most of you either a.already know b. don't care) here's me and my work!

happy weekend!


Camilla said...

HOw long's this up for? Might pop over to Bath and take a look as I missed the MA show. Your work looks great in that setting.

re books- I just read one called 'The Snow Tourist' which is about...snow. I really enjoyed it and it even made me think maybe skiing wasn't such a stupid idea after all.

littlemithi said...

I quite like the fire alarm - you should stick a notice next to it that says "incase of emergency, fly away on a plane" ;)

claire platt said...

mithi - omg I need you to be there when I put things up to add witty comments like that! that would have been awesome!

camilla - it's up till Friday this week!

Will put that book on my list of books! thank you!

Camilla said...

Not sure i'll make it over in time- but will send my fake gay son/husband to check it out for me. Are you going to be down again on Friday then to remove it all?

claire platt said...

Ooo a fake gay son/husband that is a slightly curious combination of things! I will indeed be down on Friday although probably pretty early as I have to make an epic there and back in a day trip and I hate traffic!
need a lift to London?

Camilla said...

I've actually realised that I do have friday free, so I might make it over- if you tell me what time you'll take the show down maybe I could make it over, see the work, see my fake gay son/husband/ex lodger, have lunch with you and then go home? I'm off to Glastonbury on the Sat otherwise i'd take you up on the London lift offer