stuff for sale!

So today I've been busy starting to upload some of my pieces to etsy
putting things up for sale makes me terribly nervous for some reason - I think I'm having a little lull having finished the course, try to keep my motivation up to carry on creating and keeping busy!
Will be continuing to add to the store, I like to do it in little flurries as it isn't the most exciting way to spend ones time! Will probably add some embroideries at a slightly discounted price soon - a holiday special I guess!


freshlychopped said...

the store looks great! there is something about selling ones wares that makes you nervous- a good nervous though. : )

lisa s said...

don't be nervous... congrats on getting stuff into your store!

Camilla said...

Ooh the etsy shop looks really nice with all your work in it. I need to do another post about you now you're all grown up.

claire platt said...

aw thanks all!

camilla - trying to be grown up at least! it's all rather daunting!