Today I went down to Origin part I at somerset house! Before I left I was feeling a little under the weather but I feel quite refreshed and inspired now that I'm back reflecting on it!

This is some of my friend Ekta Kaul's work! this is her second time showing at Origin. Her new pieces (the canvas pieces) are absolutly stunning! The photo doesn't do it justice as the stitched details on them are beautiful

I loved these knitted canvas pieces by booty designs!

maxine sutton had a lovely collection of art pieces and also these wonderful pieces - you can buy your own mircale kit and make your own! awesome!

There was so many beautiful things on display and I didn't get a chance to photograph much so heres a few links to some other pretty things...
naori priestly
Hikaru Noguchi
teresa green
mouse and bean
katie mawson
linda bloomfield
Jasmin rowlandson


Ticking stripes said...

So pleased I popped over to your blog - I'm working at Somerset House and was wondering what to do in London once my meetings had finished. Now I know!

claire platt said...

awesome! it's definatly worth having a look!

Displacedmind said...

i really like those knitted pink canvas :)

littlemithi said...

I went friday! I want to go back sometime this week but am coming down with something so might not ... poo!

ANyways, saw this and thought of yo uand your sparkly lady-bits days!

claire platt said...

I was thinking about going back too I've never been to part 2 before!
+ awww! i hope your feeling better<3

p.s oh! her stuff is lovely and sparkly! wow!

littlemithi said...

It seems I have managed to keep the bugs at bay ... have bought bus tickets for a very short lunch stint at part two on thursday! Whoopee!