mythical beast sweet shoppe

Today is the last day of the Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe! If your down in Weston-Super Mare today be sure to visit! I'm quite sad I didn't make it down there to see it! (my pieces are the unicorn heads in frames!) theres so much lovely stuff in the show + it's in a wonderful location!

It suddenly feels like I've got a lot to do which is exciting! me and camilla have an exhibtion opening in a few weeks at 204 in Bristol + we're doing some workshops (more news soon!) on saturday the 7th as part of the show and I'm doing a stall at the paintworks on the same day with one of the girls from my course! and I've got to send some pieces up to a shop this week! eep! So I have lots to be doing!


Displacedmind said...

oooh i like the look of the jars of sweeties! hehe

you need to do a exhibition in croydon so i can come see ;)

Camilla said...

Thanks Claire! Sadly today the only visitors we had were friends and family- although they were very very welcome and especially so when my sisters both went on a crazy sweet buying freak out.

I have your Unicorn heads at home now- they can remain in the online shoppe if you want or i'll bring them back to you at 204- let me know.

And also- PAINTWORKS on the same day! Are you insane?!

claire platt said...

sarah - i wish i could do one in the clocktower! i've no idea how to go about it tho!

it sounds like it would have been a really nice atmosphere! + keep them in the online shop if you want! totally meant to say you can reduce the price by half or something if you like..

+ yeah. possibly a little insane! thank god alexis doesnt mind running the stall for almost the whole day mind! hopefully it might bring some people up to us tho as i can leave some flyers down there!