knitting and stitching show!

I helped Fabrications at the Knitting and Stitching Show last week! There was so much to see it was incredible! Definitely worth a visit they have sewing and knitting supplies (amongst other things) as well as exhibitions and workshops! Fabrications was part of Mrs Bears swap shop over at the swishing salon so we had alot of fun teaching people how to make rosettes and customising ideas for the clothes they'd just swapped. The rosette making was probably the best workshop experience i've done so far - we literally had people queuing to make one constantly for a few hours! I think my instructions may have sounded somewhat robotic to the people within earshot but it was such good fun cause each persons rosette was different! I also had much fun making the giant rosettes above using a really large french knitting device! I'm feeling quite inspired now too after the customising (that's something I was working on to show people who came to join in above there) I hadn't done any sewing in a while and now I'm really keen experiment with some knitting/fabric manipulation combinations!


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