calm air all ice presents.... art and craft@204!

This weekend I drove down to Bristol to meet up with Camilla to hang the new calm air all ice show! It's at 204 in Bristol! It's a window space so it was more installation than we've done previously! It was really fun + I'm excited to go back down in a few weeks as we're running some workshops in the shop space behind! I managed to get myself a job, a few days a week in an art framers which is quite exciting, more exciting is the fact that it's cycling distance from my house! I found a textile recycling centre last week which was pretty awesome! Lots of exciting new jumpers for me to make some new recycled pieces with! I'm feeling pretty upbeat today even though my list of things to do seems like it has about a million things on it!

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Camilla said...

I've been directing a lot of people to Gloucester road- hopefully they will all come back on the 7th!
And congratulations on the job- I think I was a bit distracted on Sunday, so I didn't really ask you about it- sounds great that it's so near to home.