I've got a week till the show at 204 now and quite a few bits to finish for that - + the MISI event at the paintworks and workshops at 204 November 7th, also at the end of November I'll be showing work at Milsom Place in Bath! Oh and some of my recycled planes have gone up to made in the shade - if your in Glasgow on the 30th you must attend the grand opening of the masionette! It will be wonderful! It's all super motivating which is good as I've got to make some new pieces for 204, misi and aardvark ASAP!

This week I helped an artist, sarah doyle, run some workshops at a primary school - it was so much fun! I've never worked with kids that young really and it was really rewarding, so much so that I now appear to be running workshops with a local rainbows group in november/decemeber we're gonna be making calenders and doing finger knitting! I'm also trying to find some part time work of some description as it would be good to have a little bit of money coming in... this week I adventured to a biscuit factory for a trial shift - I got to ice, pack and cut oolala! It was really fun actually! Although I think as I found it so fun I probably will not get it! But not to fear I have another interview on Monday - I'm determined to find something in this climate! I'm always curious as to what other artists/designers do in that sense - can they make a living off what they do or do they have another job? what about those who read this, do you have to keep another job? One day I hope I can just make things but for now at least I think I need to have another income!

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dropstitch said...

Oooh! I'm going to the opening of the Maisonette - can't wait to see your planes in the flesh/wool!

I did finger knitting with my class (of eleven year olds) when I was teaching last year. It was one of the few crafts they were able to master in the short space of time we had to do it and they loved it! They all went home at the end of the day with half finished scarves attached to one hand and a ball of wool in the other :)

I have just landed a full time job so my days of full time crafting are soon to be over. I have loved not having a job for a while but definitely needed more than double figures each month to live on! Surely the novelty of a biscuit factory would wear off after a while? Maybe not... When I was little my mum used to despair that my career ambition was to work in a factory, ironing and folding pants before putting them in the packet. But it was my mum's fault really as she used to iron pants (while ironing other stuff from the washing basket) and give them to me and my sister to hold on our (face!) cheeks. Mmmm. Warm pants on your face... The closest I ever came to realising my ambition was when I worked in an underwear shop. I sold a pair of pants to Paul Robinson from Neighbours!