photoshoots, knitting and upcoming stuff!

This week I photographed all of my finished pieces for my masters collection! There are 24 pieces in total, 12 hand knitted and 12 machine knitted! although I'm debating whether or not to show the birds as I'm feeling overall it works better with just the ducks, owls and planes. I've photographed everything so I can put together a mini portfolio and also I'm making a little blurb book for the show! good times.

This week and next week are solid knitting to make a cover for my model plane - I've been thinking about titles for the piece and I'm currently thinking about 'a hobbyists dream' I think I am around 40% done towards finishing it. I've spent this morning stitching and covering the sections I have done - I was going to photograph it but I think I shall wait until it's finish so I don't ruin the glamour! I extremly nervous this morning though as I ran out of wool and have been waiting for it to arrive... you know so I can finish it! Total relief that it came today. phew! I still have a mini list of things to do but mostly it's just lots of knitting for the plane! Which has worked out well as it keeps me resonably calm. I've got 11 days till the hanging for the show starts!

Oh! and just to add to my things to do I thought hey! the weekend before my masters project is due... I knit Weekender? yes i'll have a stall at that! That won't add to the stress! Haha. I am really looking forward to it though :)

I've got a few bits in the mythical beast sweet shoppe too! Camilla is a goddess! The show is going to be fantastic and she has worked super hard so go have a look and see how cool it is and be sure to praise her! The venue is beautiful!

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Camilla said...

haha! goddess indeed! Thanks for the plug though and I can't wait to see the MA show.