I handed in all my work and came back from bath on friday! Ah! It is quite a strange feeling - the show is in just over a week and we get our provisional marks back then also! To be honest my space could have been a little better - I can't actually get a shot of the wall pieces head on (trust me I tried climbing into the window sills and everything) so the only shots I have are from one end at an angle! Overall though I'm pretty pleased! Oh and the plane! Its all done and all together - that was a whole lot of knitting I did in the last few weeks! I can't believe it really! I think I'm going to let myself have a few days off before I start getting on with new stuff and general organisational stuff I've been putting off! I went out on my bike this morning which was awesome cause it's been a while + this afternoon I've got a couple of free tickets to see a Catwalk Confidential in town which I know very little about but apparently it's meant to be good so that should be pretty fun!


Sarah Von said...

awesome and awesome! I love this idea!

freshlychopped said...

that is amazing - such a great idea and wonderful detail!