Wow! Giant French knitting - definitely a possible new obsession. Definitely!

I've started helping out at fabrications now! It's been awesome so far! Thursday I helped at knitting classes and saturday I helped at the art car boot fair - both part of London Design Festival! + I'm working on a collaborative design contest with one of the girls from my course at the moment so watch this space for more about that once we get it all going! + The MA Show is this Wednesday! 30th September 6pm-9pm - I even made a facebook event for it.

Also I've got a mailing list going now! If you want to join just comment here with your e-mail or send me a message at info (at) claireplatt (dot) com <3

more pictures


dropstitch said...

Good luck for the MA show! I predict much love for your knitting :)

ps giant french knitting looks tres exciting!! I love french knitting but what exactly do you do with the finished product? I used to make it into spiral placemats and woolly snails but I fear those won't make the grade now...

claire platt said...

Thank you<3

It was really exciting! I'm not sure what you could do with the smaller french knitting though woolly snails=awesome... but on the larger ones it makes quite a nice scarf! I was trying to think of something a bit more exciting than that though.. perhaps some kind of large abstract wall piece if you played around with stuffing and layering different lengths? ooo!