Wow a rather delayed update! I have been housesitting and internetless there for a week - it has been a somewhat cleansing experience, but I'm glad I'm back in my normal house with a connection! Bust was really fun! It was my first time doing something like this really so I've learnt alot about what to take, what not to take and some better ideas of how to display something - which I think in reflection definatly needed more planning! I shall be putting all the thoughts to good use as I'm going to be at the I knit Weekender September 11th-12th! Come down and see me!

I'm a tiny bit panicky about I knit as the 14th is DOOMDAY as I like to call it - I've got to have all my work for uni finished (including a 3000 word statement which is currently in my head and scattered in parts in various notebooks) ready to hang for my degree show/final assesment! 2 weeks left of my MA = crazy.


Camilla said...

I was wondering how it all went for you. Hope you had a really good time.

Displacedmind said...

hey hun im on here too now :D

im sorry i couldnt make to it the bust :(
your table looks great! were you selling things or just showing them off?

good luck with getting things done for the assesment! :D

littlemithi said...

Wow, Are REALLY that close to finishing?

Good luck!

claire platt said...

camilla - yush it was really good fun! totally knackering tho!

sarah - no worries about bust! it was good tho if theres another one you should go - lots of pretty things! I was selling things yes! It went quite well :)

mithi - i know its insane. i've got to start hanging my work 11 days. so its heart attacks all round atm! luck is very well recieved! thank you!