The last 2 weeks have been a bit crazy! I went surfing (check that off my 30 things) and discovered I'm moving back to London a little earlier than planned - in fact I've got to move next Friday so cue the mad rush to finish things I'll need to finish uni work/pack! I've been using machines that resemble torture instruments to makes hanks for dying and then to put the yarn back on the cone afterwards! I've got a new studio space at uni - it's actually a really nice space, but I'm staying in bath at the end of August so I'll get to use it then too! My wood pieces have all been cut now so I'm ready to get on with knitting! (p.s can you see that model aircraft on my desk? it's soon to have a knitted cover!) Hopefully I'll have some pictures of the wood pieces at the start of next week - there’s some 3D pieces and some new accompaniment to my planes in the form of owls, birds and duck/geese! I'm quite excited to get started on them!

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