30 things

Today I turn 24! Officially it happened at 9.50am and coincidently a friend of my dads had a baby daughter this morning at 9.38 - how close! (bar the 24 years anyway) An old school friend shares my birthday too - I think this is interesting for some reason! I am currently enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee from a mug my friend posted to me as a gift which says 'save the planet - drink more tea, make more love' it's very cute. Matt's taking me out for dinner tonight and before that we're going to a book signing so we get to meet danny wallace!
Anyway last year whilst I was enjoying the fun that is office work I seemed to have a lot of time between my rather lacking training schedule - I used the time to make lists (all the books I ever read that I could remember, places I wanted to go etc) and then I decided I should make a more useful one 30 things to do before I'm 30 - I keep meaning to type it up somewhere as I'm ever fearful of losing it (it's currently a page ripped from a notebook and stuffed into my diary) so I thought to celebrate in ... an odd way I guess... I'd blog it so it's saved forever and I can update it when I've done something - I've done a few things from it so I'll check them now! (if it's pink it's done!) + I tried to make them achievable so I haven't put crazy stuff like get superhero powers and tried to minimize on just having a list of places to travel!
p.s I baked those cupcakes.

30 things...

1. Go zorbing
2. Travel to Japan
3. Get a Masters degree
4. Have my work published in a book/magazine
5. go canoeing/kayaking
6. climb/hike a mountain
7. learn to crochet
8. try wing walking
9. cycle from lands end to john o'groats

10. go to a tap dance class
11. move out of my parents house
12. bungee jump
13. go horseriding
14. go to see a ballet
15. take a road trip in a foreign country
16. have my work exhibted in a well known gallery/part of a well know award or show
17. learn to drive
18. complete a charity run
19. see the aurora borealis
20. have a flying trapeze lesson
21. find a job/career I want to do
22. go surfing
23. complete a triathlon
24. live in another country (for a little bit at least!)
25. go scuba diving
26. knit myself a jumper
27. go sking/snowboarding
28. keep bees
29. grow a vegtable from seed (and eat it!)
30. fly a plane

if it's pink it's done! woot!


invisible me said...

happy birthday claire!!!
hope you can achieve all you want to :)

claire-elizabeth said...

thank you mystery person :)

littlemithi said...

hello miss! Very belated happy birthday! Hope London is treating you well :) I figure this is only temporary over the summer and you will be back in autumn?

Enjoy your summer!

claire platt said...

thank you miss <3

afraid not! I shall be in London for a little while now! I finish my course in september so I'm staying in london for a bit following that!